Our Business

Tern Properties Company Ltd., a Hong Kong based group, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1987 (Stock code: 277). Our core business is property investment primary in Hong Kong and treasury investments. Our property investment strategy is to invest, maintain, and grow a portfolio of up-market properties in the prime locations in Hong Kong to generate long-term and stable recurrent income for shareholders. The treasury investment represents the investment in debt and equity securities to seek steady longer-term growth in capital.

Board of Directors

Chan Hoi Sow
Chairman, Executive Director and Managing Director

Chan Yan Wai, Emily
Vice Chairman, Executive Director (N)

Chan Yan Tin, Andrew
Executive Director (R)

Chan Yan Lam,Alan
Executive Director

Chan Kwok Wai
Independent Non-Executive Director (Chairing A, N and R)

Tse Lai Han, Henry
Independent Non-Executive Director (A, N, R)

Cheung Chong Wai, Janet
Independent Non-Executive Director (A)

(A) Audit Committee   (N) Nomination Committee   (R) Remuneration Committee